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    News & Events
    Delegation of Postgraduates of HOWEST Visited ZJSU
    [May 5, 2011 ]
    CCTV Gave a Special Report of Our Well-known Alumnus Yan Xiaozhe
    [May 5, 2011 ]
    Students of HOWEST Came to Participate in SEPP Program
    [May 5, 2011 ]
    Second Group of Students from Coventry University Participate in Our SEPP Program
    [May 5, 2011 ]
    President Zhang Renshou Met with Bengt E Johansson, the Swedish Consul General in Shanghai
    [May 5, 2011 ]
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     About us
    SFL is one of the largest schools of Zhejiang Gongshang University (ZJGSU) and boasts 3 undergraduate programs, with a total number of 872 or so students at school. SFL now has 1 first-level discipline master’s program (Foreign Language & Literature), 3 secondary discipline master’s programs (Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, English Language and Literature, British and American Literatue, European and American Literature) and 2 professional master’s program (Translation and Interpration), which accommodate more than 144 postgraduates. The school is made up of the English Department, the French Department, No.1 ...
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    Facuity & Research
    SFL boasts a high-calibre faculty who is rational in the structure and ranks among the best in provincial universities in terms of education backgroun...
    Academic Programs
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